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Dr. Andrija Puharich
Parapsychologist, Medical Researcher, and Inventor


This web site was built by Andrija Puharich’s son Andy. There are many articles and pages on the world wide web that bend and twist the truth about Dr Puharich's life and work. This one is filtered for truth by one who knows, and can so be called “The official website”. 

It was first published on the 22nd of May 2007, offering information, links, photo’s and multimedia.


In mankind’s evolutionary process there have always been men and women who step out on a limb to explore the unknown, to seek the truth concerning our origin and destiny. The values of these discoveries are often only recognized by later generations, as is the case for the findings of Dr. Andrija Puharich.


There are two groups of information seekers googling Andrija Puharich nowadays. There is a vast interest in his work on splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen, the clean energy enthusiasts. The second group is interested in the work Andrija did with psychics and his contacts with extra terrestrials, the new age thinkers. He worked hard to better the planet and mankind, maybe the information on this site may help to continue this effort.


With the making of the film Staya Erusa by Ronald Jan Heijn, Uri Geller and Harry Beckers, the importance of a part of Dr Puharich’s ground breaking work is revealed.

The mission of Staya Erusa is to contribute to the expansion of awareness for the coming decennia by explaining insights via film (Notion Picture), internet and other media, in order to cope with the challenges we face as mankind. This film is highly recommended by, for information please click on the banner below.




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