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Working title: “Mind over matter, the Andrija Puharich Story”

The life and work of Dr Puharich has been documented in books, articles and there are fragments on film and audio recordings. Browsing the internet one can find the pieces and put them together to form a picture of who he was, what motivated him and the discoveries he did in his life’s span.

Being his son and understanding the depth of his work I believe a document should be made to bring all these pieces together and explain how fundamental his thinking really was.

An independent film maker from Rhode Island has passionately taken up the task of putting together such a documentary and I am working with him to accomplish this. A website has been set up with information regarding the documentary and can be accessed through this link:

We hope to finance this project with the help of private contributors and donations, if you would like to support the making of this documentary, you can make your donation through the puharichfilm website.

Thank you very much,

Andy Puharich