Andrija Puharich (February 19, 1918 – January 3, 1995) — born Henry Karel Puharić — was a medical and parapsychological researcher, medical inventor, physician and author.

He was a well educated man, a medical doctor who dedicated himself to investigate the power of the mind. He studied the people that could use just their minds to manipulate matter, the healers and the telepaths.
He was mostly known as being the researcher who brought metal bender Uri Geller to the United States to have him studied under laboratory conditions at the Stanford Research Institute. He also wrote the book ‘Uri’ about his unusual experiences with this controversial man. It is about Uri’s amazing abilities, but also about the extra-terrestrials that contacted them and the Ufo’s they witnessed together. Obviously, the book was received with much controversy but it never stopped him seeking out the unknown and going out on a limb.

He was also an extremely intelligent man and besides researcher, an inventor. In the late sixties, he invented and developed electronic devices that, through skin and bone resonance let the deaf hear. In the late eighties, he worked on a method for splitting water into a usable high efficient fuel, which he unfortunately was never able to finish. When he died in 1995 he held 72 patents for many amazing inventions.

But in the fifties, he ran a laboratory called ‘the round Table Foundation’, in Maine where psychics like Peter Hurkos and Harry Stump were put to the test and some truly groundbreaking experiments were done. In this period, he wrote two books:  ‘Beyond Telepathy’ and the ‘Sacred Mushroom’, both still classics in the field. He was a maverick in his research, and by many recognized as such.

This website was built by Andrija Puharich’s son Andy. There are many articles and pages on the world wide web that bend and twist the truth about dr Puharich's life and work. This one is filtered for truth by the one who knows, and can so be called “The official website”. It was first published in May 2007, offering information, links, photos and multimedia. An update was done in December 2017.

There are two groups of information seekers looking for online information on dr Puharich. Most are interested in the work Andrija did with psychics and healers, and his contacts with extra-terrestrials.
But there is also a vast interest in his work on splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen, the clean and renewable energy enthusiasts.
For these people I have some disconcerting insight. The apparatus dr Puharich built and which he claimed to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, was never as efficient as he claimed. Yes, it produced both gasses but the amount of energy that was needed to accomplish this, was greater than the energy it produced. As this can also be done with simple electrolysis, the importance of his work in this field is not as significant as some say. His theories are definitely worth examining but the actual invention was never as efficient as he claimed. Inventors will often times exaggerate their findings in order to get more funds so they can continue their research. Nicola Tesla did this, and unfortunately so did dr Puharich.

In mankind’s evolutionary process there have always been men and woman who step out on a limb to explore the unknown, to seek the truth concerning our origin and destiny. The values of these discoveries are often only recognized by later generations, as is the case for the findings of Dr. Andrija Puharich. But now there is a documentary in the making which will give insight and reveal some of the mysteries still surrounding this man. Click here for more information.