DATE OF BIRTH:       February 19, 1918 PLACE OF BIRTH:      Chicago, illinois seven children.


RESIDENCE:           Roüte 1 Box 545 Dobson, North Carolina 27017


OFFICE:              1025 Connecticut Avenue, N.W. Suite 1011

Washi.ngton, D.C. 20036

350 East 52nd Street Suite 1A

New York, New York, 10022



COLLEGE:          Northwestern University,i'College of Liberal Arts, Evanston, Illinols. Major: Philosophy and Premedical. Degree: A.B. 1942


SCHOOL:           Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago, Illinois. Degrees: M.B. 1946. M@D. 1947.

Northwestern University Graduate School,

Chicago, Illinois. Major: Physiology Research, 1942-1946. No degree taken.

INTERNSHIP:       Permanente Foundation Hospital, Oakland, California. Rotating@Internship 1946-47. @,In'tern Cert. 1947.

RESIDENCY:        Permanente Research Foundation, Oakland, California.

Chief Resident in Medical Research 1947-48. Resident Cert. Internal Medicine 1948

FELLOWSHIP:       General Foods Corporation Research Fellowship for years 1949-1950, 1950-1951, 1951-1952 at the Round Table Foundation, Laboratory of Experimental Electrobiology, Glen Cove, Maine.



POSTGRADUATE:   Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York Microelectronics, 1962-1963

LICENSURE:      California, maine, New York (U.S.A.)

MILITARY:       Pfe., Army Specialized Training Program 1942

to 1946 at Northwestern University Medical School,' Chieago, Illnois.

Captain, MC. Chief, Outpatient Service, United States Army Dispensary, Army Chemical Center, Maryland 1953 to 1955. Specialized duties in chemical and biological warfare



New York Academy of Sciences, 1948

American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1948 Mycological Society of San Francisco, 1959

American Association for Humanistie Psychology, 1960 Pan American medical Association, 1961 Aerospace Medical Association, 1964

Space Medicine Branch of A.M.A., 1964

American Academy of General Practice, 1967 American Geriatries Society, 1967

American Society for Cyberneties, 1967 Colombian Society of Angiology, 1968 New York Zoological Society, 1968 National Geographic Society, 1968

American Academy of Political and Social Scienee, 1969 American Society for Artificial Internál Organs, 1971



Scientist of the Year Award, U.S.P.A., 1982

Honorary LL.D. Emerson College, Boston, Massachusetts, 1976 Creative and Successful Personalities, 1971 Dietionary of International Biography, 1969 Whols Who in the East, 1967

Biographical Dictionary of Parapsychology, 1964 Leaders in American Science, 1961 American Men of Medicine, 1960

Union League Club of Chieago Scholarship Chieago Woman's Club Scholarship




A. Montqomery Ward Scholarship

Kanine Kennel Klub (Northwestern University) National Honor Society Eta Sigma Phi



Consultant in Medical Electronics.

President of Essentia Research Associates, New York, New York Vice-President, Planetary Association for Clean Energy,

Ottawa, Ontario.

Laboratory research in water electrolysis, and in the molecular evolution of living forms.

Prindipal activity is in the dissemination of information about para-physical effects to leaders in government, industry, univer- sities and private foundations. This includes field and laboratory research, design of research,programs and coordination of research programs in@.leading research centers of the world.




1977 to 1982 (Present):

In addition to consuiting activities as listed above, maintains

a private laboratory to investigate the molecular evolution of bioenergetic systems. The laboratory is in Devotion, North Carolina. Recent work concerns:

A new method of water electrolysis by means of modulated alternating current. Efficiencies of 90% have been achieved in laboratory experiments.

new method of wavicular control of atomic and molecular chemical reactions which leads to the production of

elementary life forms. Application of this new technology to the problem of the origin of mammalian cancer.

in 1977 organized and was Chairman of The Physics of Consciousness Conference- in Reykjavik, Ieeland. See publications, No. 96



Career Résume 1977-82 (continuecl)

In 1978 organized and was Chairman of The 'Second.Physics of Consciousness Conference in Valle de Bravo, Mexico.

In 1979 was appointed as a Delegate from Canada to the United Nations Institüte of Technology and Research Conference in Montreal, December 1979. Delegates from 112 nations attended.

In 1980 organized and directed a week-long symposium on Extendëd Human Capacities, for the Young Presidents

Organization. This was held in Madrid, Spain during the week of April 21-27, 1980. The results were published by a series of audio tapes and video tapes, by Western Instructiohal Television, Los Angeles, California.

In 1981 and 1982 spent almost full time in laboratory research on the problems of the molecular origin of life forms.

Presented the preliminary results of these investigations at the June 1982 Learned Societies Conference in Ottawa, Öntario, Canada. As a result this paper eorned the author The Scientist of the Year Achievement Award by the United States Psychotronic Association, at its annual meeting at the Cplorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado, iuly 1982


April 1971 to 1976:

In April 1971 resigned positions with Intelectron Corporation in order to work at independent research.

In August 1971 gave a paper at an international conference in France (See Ref. 89 under Publications) where I outlined my basic research plans for an approach to the problem of the mechanism of molecular evolution. This required some new and radical Approaches to the problem of how life originated. In a sense, this problem had been formulated by J.S. Bell, Physics 1,195

(1964) under the title "Introduction to the Hidden Variable Question," and has subsequently,,come to be known as

"Bells Theorem". in layman's language Bellls Theorem seeks an a.nswer to the question of how 2 events, remote in space, or

time are connected? I chose to examine this question as to how 2 brains (living) physically isolated in space, or time, can be connected.

The work started with finding a person in Israel (Uri Geller) who could demonstratie under laboratory conditions the



April 1971 to 1976 (continued)

"Bell Connectedness Principle". The author then had this person (Uri Geller) tested in 22 laboratories in nine countries. A conference wasorganized by the author to evaluate the data in 1974, This isnow known as The Tarrytown Conference- held in

New York. The result was a publication, The Gellér Papers, edited by Charles Panati, Hoüghton Mifflin Company, Boston, 1976.

This publicatiqn resulted in a renewed surge of interest in the subject on a world"wide basis. As a result the author organized the,Iceland Conference, mentioned above for 1977.

This conference was to have profound effects for the future.

It led a group of scientists from the United States Navy (and

other agencies of the U.S. Government) to openly and officially espouse and organize research in the latent powers of the human mind. Of central interest was the mysterieus ability of persons to bend metal - solely by mental means. In 1982 this subject

had high priority amongst the U.S. military research priorities.

From 1976, extendi.ng to the present time (1982), the author continued to work at the "Bell@s Theorem" problem through the investigation of ELF (Extremely Low Frequencies) effects on

living systems, Thia work is reflected in the author's research on the origina of molecular evolution, and in his work on the cancer problem

Designed and instituted research programs in cooperation with the following institutions:

Stanford University School of Medicine, California Guyls Hospital, Bloomfield Clinic, London, England School for Communication Disorders, Speech and Hearing,

Tel Aviv University Medical School, Tel Hashomer, Israel

National Technical Institute for the Deaf, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York.

American Academy for Human Development, Dallas, Texas National University of Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico

University of Southern California, School of Medicine,

Department of Otolaryngology, Los Angeles, California



April 1971 to 1976 (contilnued)

Otolaryngology Group, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Royal Institute of Technology, Department of Technical Audiology of Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden

Lectures and symposia at numerous institutions in the United States, Europe, Latin America and Israel on advanced concepts in bio-cybernetics.


May 1961 to April 1971:

President and Director of Medical Research, Intelectron Corporation, 432 West 45th Street, New York, New York.

Co-founder of Intelectron Corporation with Dr. Joseph L. Lawrence. Incorporated under the laws of the State of New York to carry

out research and development in the field of medical electronies.

Supervised a staff of technical personnel in the field of audi- ology, electronic engineering, and clinical research.

Conceived, designed and conducted elinical tests of electroftic devices for the rehabilitation of hearing. Granted (with J.L. Lawi@ence) United States and foreign patents on such devices and systems. Supervised elinical tests in association with ótologists schools for the deaf, and höspitals on patients with either severely impaired hearing, or clinical total deafness. This resulted in the development of electronic systems that rehabil- itate hearing in the clinically totally deaf. These results

were first reported in May, 1964 to the 35th Annual Convention

of the Aetospace Medical Association meeting in Miami, Florida.

Principal investigätor (with J.L. Lawrence) of a research program under contract with the United States Air Force Systems Command, Rome Air Development Center, entitled-. "Electrostimulation Techniques of Hearing". Research conducted on both humans and animals in order to finá out if hearing could be stimulated in the presence of total deafness. A solution was found for this problem, and the contract was completed and approved.




1958 to May 1961

Medical Research Con@suitant, Residence Carmel Meadows, Carmel California,. Reta@ned by such organizations as:

Uni,ted States Army Hospital, Laboratory Science, Fort Ord California, as consultant in mushroom technology.

Belk Research Foundation, Miami, Florida, as consultant on commun@cations research.

Mind Science Foundation, San Antonio, Texas, as Consulting Director of Research, pro tem.

Consciousness Research Foundation, San Pedro, California, as consultant in psychotherapeutje drug research program.

California Parapsychology Foundation, San Diego, California, as consultant in parapsychology research programs.

Marco Design,Inc., Los Angeles, California, as consultant in Human Factors Design problems in industry.

Aluminum Corporation of America, ALCOA PRESENTS, MGM

Studios, Culver City, California, as technical consultant to "One Step Beyond", ABC-TV series.

Stanford University, Parapsychology Research Group, Palo Alto, California, as advisor to Professor ieffery Smith.

Occasional consultant to: Institute of Extended Studies, Los Angeles, California; Design, Research & Development Corporation, Monterey, California; University of-Washington Pharmacology Department, Seattle Washington; United States Army Chemical Corps, Army Chemical Center, Maryland; Columbia Broadcasting System TV, Los Angeles, California; R.iker Laboratories, Northridge, California, etc.

During the year 1958-59 served on a full-time basis as the

Chief, Emergency Service, United States Army Hospital, Fort Ord, California. Throughout the period from 1958 to 1961 owned and operated a private research laboratory in Carmel Valley, Calif- ornia. Worked on various projects in the communications field which were presented as reports as indicated in the following paragraphs:

"Demonstration of ESP by Peter Hurkos, and an Explanation by Dr.Puharich", Sixth Naval District Annual Personnel



1958 to May 1961 (continued)

Conference. November 6-7, 1979. Published as a report in Guidelines, (Official USN publication), December, 1959.

l@'Problems of instrumen tation and Control in the Study of Extrasen sory Perception", Lecture to the Institute of

Radio Enqineers, Los Angeles Section . November 20, 1959.

"The Mind as an Action Center". Paper presented before the Psychialtric Sectiori, 35th Congress of the Pan American Medical Association, April 29, 1960. Mexico City, Mexico.

Served as a Symposium Panel.ist on:"'The Human Potential"" moderated by Aldous Huxley. Rancho La Puerta, Tecate, Mexico. June 27 through iuly 1, 1960. Published in SAN DIEGO, September, 1960.

Left private practice to help found Intelectron Corporation.

Moved from Carmel, California to Ossining, New York, August, 1961.


1948 to 1958-q

Except @or a two@year leave of absence for military duty

(1953-5 5) held the position of Directot of Research, Round Table Foundation, Glen Cove, Maine. Founded this non-profit foundation.

rrincipal duties were to plan and carry out animal and human research programs, supervise a staff of technicians which usually averaged eight in number over the years, and to raise funds through grants and contracts.

1948 to 1952 was' almost entirely devoted to animal research. Managed an animal facility that maintained a stock of dogs, cats, and rats. Principal efforts were coneerned with the electrical recording of neural activity from the peripheral and central nervous system of animals during the taste response to various chemicals and foods. This program was under the sponsorship of General Foods Corporationf and these were company proprietary. One of the practical outcomes of this research was a better understanding of the role of food texture constitution in palatibility gual@ty.

An offshoot of this neurophysiological research was a better understalnding of the role of the chorda tympani nerve, and the tympanie nerve plexus in sonic transmission phenomena. Collaborated elosely during the years 1949 to 1952 with

Dr. Samuel Rosen of Mt, Sinai Hospital, New York City, the



1948 to 1958 (conti,nued)

inventor of the Stapes Mobilization Surgical procedure for the alleviation of conductive deafness. Together, although

working under Rosenqs supervision. we worked out the surgical foundations on dogs and cats for Stapes Mobilization Surgery.

Dr. Rosen, on his own, extended these basic findi.ngs to humans and in 1954 was able to announce his early successes with otosclerotic conductive deafness. Since then this operation has been carried out all over the world on untold numbers of humans. We have co ntinued our research collaboration to this day.

As a result of these early observations on animals, was led to conceive of radio frequen'cy energy directly to the brain for the alleviation of deafness due to auditory sensori-neural destruction. The practical outcome of this research has been described earlier in which hearing rehabilitation is now possible and pra.ctical for the clinically totally deaf.

Commünication research was carried out in other sensory modalities, especially vision and touch. Several years were spent on stroboscopic flash, and flicker-fusion studies in humans. This resulted in a simple teehnique to enhance sensitivity in humans

for extrasensory perception, as established by formal statistical techniques.  Group carried out basic research on human dermo- Qptical perception.

Human "Information transfer (of a non-sensory nature) was darried put with especially gifted subjects from all over the wörld. This work was concerned with devising environmental control

systems, drug experiments, anesthetic gas experiments, electronic systems, and studying their effect on human performance. A

brief idea can be gained of the nature of these studies from

the following lectures and reports which were prepared and given:

"An Evaluation of the Possible Usefulness of Extrasensory Pe reeption in Psychological Watfare". Paper presented to

a conference on Psychological Warfare, Department of Defense, Pentagon, Washington, D.C., November 23, 1952.

"Researches in Increasing of Decreasing Telepathy".

Lecture presented at the Aviation School of Medicine, USAF nandolph Field, Texas, March 16, 1953.

"Physical Techniquë for Increasing Telepathy". Paper presented at a seminar sponsored by the Department of Ch-emistry, Armour Research Foundation, illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, December 4, 1953.



1948 to 1958 (,continued)

11Biochemical Foundation$ for Extrasensory Perception". Paper presented at a seminar of the Medical Research naboratory, Chemical corps, Army Chemical Center, Märy- land, April 20, 1954.

"The Effect of an Excess of Negative Atmospherie Ions upon ES@' Test Scores". Lecture presented before the Psychic Research Society, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, October 16, 1956.


1938 to 1948;

During these years worked at many different jobs, too numerous to mention to earn my way through college, medical school, graduate school and hospital and research training.



Internal Medicine; clinical, and cardiovascular research. Caneer research,.

Audiology and Otology: research    animal and human.

Experimental Design Procedures: broad experience in statistical design and analysis,,of medical ekperiments,both@in humahs and animals.

Medical Electronics: abreast of, and familiar with the advanced concepts and technology in this new and growing field. Special experience with sensors, coding techniques, and radio telemetry systems. Original contributions in bio-instrumentation and sensory prosthet,ies. Numerous patents granted and applied for in medical electronics.

Psychotherapeutic Agents: broad experienee over many years with psychotherapeutic drugs, hallucinogenic, botanicals and drugs, and original research on humans. Basic research training in neurophysiology, psychiatry and hypnosis.

Communication Research: principal experience in sensory physio- logy and non-sensory information transfer processes. Knowledge of information theory and systems as applied to biological processes @or knowing and action.



Special Areas of Tnterest and Expep.,ienee (-ponti.nue,d)

Administration and Management: eleven years experienee as an ad,mïnigtrator and/or manager of medical research programs And pets-onnel.

@lroposals, Grants and Contracts: coneelved, prepared, seeured and completed various research proposals, grants and

contracts over the years for, and from, industry, foundations, and the United States Government.

Communications media: broad experienee with journals, magazines, newspapers, radio, television and the movie industry. Have prepared material for each of these media, or worked as a special consultant. Appeared as a guest or speaker on

numerous oceasions in radio, television, and films; as well as before lay and scientific groups and organizations.



Mexico      Head of fourteen man expedition into Chatino Country of oaxaca, Mexico, during the summer of 1960.

Sponsored by the United States Army Chemical Corps, the University of Washington and the Aluminum Company of America.

Purpose: to collect hallucinogenic botanicals. A documentary film was shown on the ABC network.

Hawaii      Made a survey of the Hawaiian Islands during March

and April,.1961, and discovered the first hallucin- ogenic mushröoms ever found in the Islands. Specimens of Paneolus Campanulatus presented and catalogued at the Bishop Museum, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Brazil      Field study in Congonhas do Campo, Minas Gerais,

Brazil, during the month of August, 1963. Sponsored by the Belk Research Foundation, Miami, Florida, for

the purpose of studying primitive surgical techniques, plant and drug usage for healing by a native, Arigo.

Second field expedition made in May, 1968 with a group of physicians for the same purpose.



Special Areas of interest and Experienee (_cQntinued).

Israel      Field research.in Israelt August, 1971,- November, 1971 to April, 1972 on Mr. Ur@ Geller.

Mexico      Field research on a curandera, Pach.ita. Head of a 6 man team investigating human organ transplants. January 1978 to June 1978.





1. Experiments,coneerning Blood Sedimentation Rate in rglation to Anaphylactic Shock. Paper presented at the Conference of the

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4. A Theory of Nerve Conduction. Paper presented to the Department

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5. A Clinical Complex exhibiting Left Homonymous Hemianopsia, the Neocerebellar Syndrome, Hemiballismus, and the Anterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery Syndrome, A Clinieo-pathological Report.

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6. A quantitative approach toward measuring taste patterns in the

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